Aging, Rehabilitation & Geriatric Care
Our Research

The Aging, Rehabilitation & Geriatric Care Research Centre brings together like-minded researchers in one space to share ideas and create new synergies. It explores the boundaries of the human body and mind, then tears them down by developing new and innovative treatments. This allows us a new chance and a new beginning to think in exciting, creative ways.

Research within the Centre is focused on eight key disciplines.

Healthy Aging Researchers at Lawson are working to help people age well, stay healthy and enjoy freedom of movement. Maintaining independence is important as we age. As we push the boundaries of aging, the need for independence becomes the challenge. Researchers hope to find ways to level the playing field - to provide more people with the opportunity to improve their situation and remain independent.

Geriatric Medicine Clinical Trials Group The Geriatric Medicine Clinical Trials Group is the research component of the Aging Brain & Memory Clinic, which has provided clinical services, education and research for people affected by Alzheimer disease and related disorders since 1987.

Spinal Cord Injury St. Joseph's Parkwood Institute is home to the Southwestern Ontario Regional Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Program. Research within this area focuses on regeneration, restoration and rehabilitation. Our cutting edge research programs help people gain greater recovery from trauma, manage their medical complications and enjoy greater quality of life.

Collaboration of Rehabilitation Research Evidence (CORRE) Research Group The CORRE Research Group is a highly productive series of interlinked projects within ARGC. We have taken Lawson's concept of 'bench to bedside' and applied it with great success. Our group is designed to catalyze and feed an evidence-based revolution in rehabilitation.

Assistive Technology
Assistive Technology is any item, piece of equipment or product system that is used to increase, maintain or improve the functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities. Researchers in this area are studying the factors that affect the outcomes from using Assistive Technology, including how devices are prescribed and how patients are educated on how to use them.

Wound Care The Wound Care Research Group is an integral part of and support group for the Chronic Wound and Skin Health Team (CWSHT) at St. Joseph's Parkwood Institute. We support evidence-based practice in the prevention and management of chronic wounds for inpatients and outpatients.

Knowledge Translation & Health Informatics Our highly skilled team of researchers are conducting research in medication compliance and developing matematical models that look at what the predictors are of noncompliance in patients who have co-morbid conditions. Our lab is developing mathematical models to assess the risk factors for both, chronic and acute conditions.

Care of Older Adults This new theme with the ARGC was created to bring together researchers from many backgrounds to help enhance the care of older adults by promoting knowledge creation and translation, capacity-building and policy development for this diverse and growing group of Canadians.
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